What Should I Invest In?

First thing to invest in is…Time to read this article it could save you Thousands.

Hello, So I decided to share some wisdom and background in this Hub so I hope you Enjoy.

I have worked in the past selling Land for investment, otherwise know as “Land Banking”

Through this I have spent probably in the region of 800 hours on the telephone to investors and IFA´s (Independent financial advisers) and have picked up a little bit of knowledge on what to invest in and what not to.

It is 2010 nearly 2011 and the economy is not good. Yet some people out there have thousands to invest in, I would recommend you do not invest in anything.

That’s right Cash is King, your broker is sat there saying its a great time to buy, invest in this invest in this your money is doing nothing. Well of course he is, he gets absolutely NO commission if you do not invest so he is happy for you to take a gamble.

If you are adamant you would like to invest then I recommend you invest in things such as Gold, Wine and Coffee. as these items are always sound investments. However there are many other things that sound brilliant but might be a big money grabber.

One thing that is popular at the moment and that I know a lot about is Land Banking. It is growing and as more people invest the companies just get bigger.

The operation usually consists of someone buying a large plot of useless land which is based near current towns and looks to an un professional member of the public like a brilliant investment.

These plots will get planning maybe in 2085 when there is such a demand they decide to let the green field sites go to be built on.

So if you are looking at investing in Land then I recommend you find someone you trust first. There are a few genuine companies out there. I was lucky enough to work for one of them. However I came into contact with many very unreliable cheaply made companies.

The main thing to think at the moment when looking at an investment is can you feed your family if you lose it all.

If the answer is “No” then do not do it, simple as that. Because no investment is 100% safe no matter what your broker tells you. There is always a risk, otherwise they would keep it for themselves.

Due to my previous occupation I could tell you 100 pitch´s to use in order to get you interested in buying a plot of investment land. However it does not mean it is a good idea, I left the operation due to moral feelings. However remember no matter what the broker says they are getting commission sometimes in the region of 15% of the sale so it is highly in there interest to make you buy.

They might use many sales techniques such as the Take away, where by they tell you it probably is not for you and they have run out of the investment so they cannot offer you it. (suddenly they will have a cancellation so that you can make a quick decision and jump on board). Another popular take away method is when they tell you it does not bother if you buy or not because the person on the next call will, this is such an old technique and if you have common sense you should know if it was that good that one in two people buy they would not be telemarketing to new customers for business.

Other methods of sale include giving you a small investment, HULT PRIVATE and guess what it will all go very swimmingly and you will make a nice percentage on it. And then they will bank on your next investment being huge as you will believe they have just made you a lot of money. In reality they could have given you that money out of there own bank role just in order to get you interested, so dont fall for that one.

One big question you need to ask yourself is why and how did the broker get my number?

If the answer to this question is, through a friend that has made money, or they are a family member or something along them lines, then great.

But first make sure that your friend or family member had a good return from a previous investment before you invest because they could just be getting a referral fee for your investment.

Remember it is not an evil plot from your friend, the broker has just sold this client so well they believe in the product and are happy to let you get involved.

So just to re-cap what to invest on and not

Good Investments Include:

* Gold and Silver (precious metals)

* Wine

* coffee

* Your knowledge of investments before making an investment

Bad Investments include:

* Stocks and shares

* Binary shares

* Land

* family members businesses

* Time share

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