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Take Your Office Wherever You Go With These IOS Apps

Your office life has been made far more convenient as opposed to the days of the past since now you get to carry document editors, cloud storage managers and scanners of all sorts and kinds in your smartphones. But can you spend your bucks on all of them? The answer is a straight ‘No’. It is essential to strike the right kind of balance between the cash you spend on your portable office and the consequent benefits that you get from it. In order to make life a lot easier for you, we have shortlisted a few iOS apps that will help you manage your official pursuits with ease and precision without having to spend exorbitantly.

Microsoft Word, without any speck of doubt, is the single most powerful application available on iOS that comes loaded with tons of exciting features. It is not simply a word processor but it also comes with cloud storage support and lets the users view and read documents in addition to creating and editing them as well. It allows users to transfer word files to their Click here iPhones and iPads and work on them on-the-go. Second app on our list is Evernote which is quite a comprehensive note-taking app which is simple, universal and allows up to 90 minutes of audio recordings that can be shared with other people via email. This app also comes with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and is a must-have app if you want to keep track of everything in one place.

Next up is Scanify which is capable of reading and creating QR codes and barcodes. The app is gorgeous that allows plenty of customization options while the Pro upgrade promises a lot of additional features. After the smartphone scanner, we have our next app which lets you sign electronically any PDF or Word file. The app is called CudaSign and is a great way to get those forms filled out without having to write anything by hand. Once you sign anything, all you’ve got to do is to save it and send it wherever required.

Finally, you obviously need a PDF editing software that also serves as a handy PDF converter. Adobe Reader, a household name, lets the users access PDF documents from internet, email or virtually anywhere. It also allows the users to highlight, annotate and markup pages. Filling in the forms is also quite easy. However, there’s a downside. In order to create PDFs and avail.

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