Office Signs

When a client enters your office, what impression do they get? Are you instantly building their confidence? Or are they starting to wonder how solid or established your company is? A well design kanzleischild, high quality office sign can make call the difference. Metal and glass signs, of high quality, can inspire confidence.

Imagine you walk into a lawyers, or doctors office. You are about to spend thousands of dollars on their services. You walk up to the reception desk, and see their name, their image, the company brand in cheap plastic lettering, or worse yet, foam lettering on the wall. Does that give you a “solid” feeling? Or a “let’s just put something cheap up there” feeling? Now imagine you see a professional looking display. Solid cut metal? Maybe etched glass? What does that do for your confidence level?

Great. So your client is influenced, and that image is in your client’s gut throughout the meeting!

Things to Keep in Mind

Remember, design is crucial. You have most likely already spent a good amount to have your logo designed. Don’t think just any corner sign shop that is “fast” will be able to do a good job with your architectural signs. You need a firm that has experience in metal and glass signage, that can properly render your logo using the right material, finish, color, and even suggest option of office sign on panels using architectural stand off hardware.

Different materials used can convey different messages. Bold and colorful, subtle metal contrasts, the elegance of glass, brass, etc. All of this plays a part in the effect your office sign has. As the saying goes……”you only get one chance to make a first impression”.

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