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Moissanite Rings – A Diamond Simulant

With the price of the diamond jewelry increasing every single day, one of the lab-created moissanite engagement rings can be a great choice for you to go for. These rings look exactly like the original diamond rings, but are less costly than the original stones. None the less, these stones have been introduced in the market widely and are quite popular among buyers.

Technology and Style

Some people call these stones meteor diamonds, as they were first discovered in Arizona where a Meteorite rings fell in the early 1990s. Tests and examinations have revealed that these stones share a number of characteristics that are common with the diamonds, and therefore look and feel almost the same.

Moissanite engagement rings are a good choice to go for if your budget is not permitting you to buy a real diamond engagement ring. It is very tough to distinguish between a moissanite and a diamond ring, unless you have some experience. There are a number of other synthetic lab created gems that resemble diamonds and are also popular in the market.

The Other Lab Created Gems

With technology doing wonders for us, you can lay your hands on a number of synthetic gems that can very well act as substitutes for the original diamonds. Just like moissanite engagement rings, you can also opt for cubic zirconia rings, rhinestone rings, and even glass cut rings. All these lab created products can be your lower priced substitute for a diamond.

Even though moissanite was first found in the meteorite that feel in Arizona (and thought to be a variation of the compound silicon carbide), it was possible to reproduce the stone in the labs later on, which made it possible to produce in larger quantities, since there is not enough natural moissanite around to make jewelry.

The Styles and Designs

Moissanite jewelry is available in various cuts and designs as well, just like diamonds. Owing to their similarity in structure, they are quite sturdy and can last for a long time. Such characters have made it possible to opt for a number of different designs and styles of moissanite jewelry.

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