How to Get Inbound Links

Do you want to make your website important for search engines? One way to accomplish this is to have backlinks pointing to your website. So what are backlinks?

In simple terms, backlinks are the inbound links to your website placed on the web pages of other websites. These are also called incoming links or inbound links. In order for the links to be important, they must originate from high page ranking websites. Webmasters spend a lot of time and effort to get backlinks from high page ranking websites. In fact backlinks can be termed as backbone of the website.

A number of strategies are available to build backlinks. They include:


  • Submitting your site to directories
  • Getting your articles published in ezines with high page rank. The most important one is
  • Getting your articles published on social media sites such as Squidoo, Hub page
  • Online press releases
  • Posting signature links on forums
  • Leaving comments on blogs


Blog comments to high page rank sites used to very effective but disavow backlinks using google console thanks to spammers it is not as important as it used to be.

Important considerations when building Backlinks:

For search engines fewer quality backlinks are more important as compared to large number of links. Quality backlinks are links from websites linking to your site having content relevant to your website. Links from websites with content unrelated to your website have no value even if the link is originating websites with very high Page Rank.

If two sites are similar in content and design, search engines will prefer the site with more inbound links. Link from irrelevant sites will make your website less important in search engines ranking algorithm. Search engines value links from authority sites such as, etc. These links are indication of trust from these sites but it is not easy to get links from them. Quality backlinks increase your site’s page rank.

Backlinks from forums, blogs and other sites boost up your website’s ranking provided the link originating sites have similar content as yours. If not, the links will have no importance. There are products that help to find the relevant blogs and forums. I have listed on my website free methods for backlink research.

Quality inbound links are an effective tool to gain better search engine ranking. Google always gives importance to the number of quality inbound links in ranking websites. Not only Google but Yahoo and Bing use link popularity and link anchor text as the most important factors in determining their rankings. Backlinks were considered very valuable but Google denies this fact.

Increasing the website’s page rank will eventually put your website on the first page of Google search result. This will increase the traffic to your website and will give enormous boost to your website’s ranking.

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