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Grappling – 4 Leg Escapes to Avoid Grapplers

Grapplers all over the Internet seem to feel that almost all fights go to the ground. One of their favorite attacks is a low-line leg grab.

You have many options on how to defend against this type of grappling attack. I am sure once you start playing with defenses against this leg grapple, you’ll come up with more of your own.

Here are 4 Leg Escapes to Get You Started:

1) Hopping the Leg Grapple

Have you ever stepped over or hopped over a leg sweep? This is the same type of motion. Your attacker comes in low, and as he (or she) makes the lunge for your legs, you hop. More like stepping over or out of the way of the hands grabbing.

2) Actual Leg Escape From a Grapple

Your grappler manages to grab on to your legs. (How did you let it get to this point?)

Fortunately for you, there is still some wiggle room for your legs. So, you walk and kick at the same time. Force your wrestler to defend his face from your leg kicks. Make life difficult for the grappler with all of your leg motions.
And as soon as you are able — step out of the hold. Make your escape room.

3) Fall Forward on Your Grappler, to Escape

This isn’t my favorite strategy for taking on a grappler.


Because this is exactly what a grappler trains for. You are playing his or her game. Not good.

My point is, if the grappling hold around your legs is so tight that you can’t escape, then it’s better to fall forward than backwards.

Grapplers usually try to attack the low line with a lot of forward momentum. This carries you over backwards.
Practice ahead of time, on how to fall forward, even when being pushed back. Again, this is only if you have to strategy.

4) Give The Grappler Something Else To Think About

I am a fan of avoiding playing my opponent’s game. This means to avoid grappling a wrestler. So, when my attacker goes for my legs, I tend to knee the guy… or strike.

And my favorite strike for this line of attack is the elbow strike….

Elbow strikes are great for in-close fighting.

This means your grappler may try to elbow strike you, too. You may have to defend against an elbow being slammed at you….

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