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Everything You Need To Know About High Heels

High heels are footwear commonly used by women. People say that wearing high heels immediately makes a woman look and feel sexy. Although this type of footwear is most commonly associated with the female gender, there are designs made for males too.

Cuban heels and cowboy boots are worn by men. Cowboy boots has no lace, has a curve on the tip and have high or tall shaft. This particular style is widely used for riding horses and are most commonly worn by cowboys. A Cuban heel, on one hand, has a fair height with a straight front and is a little bit narrow at the back. Heels have many varieties and come with different types which are mostly worn by women.

Different types of high heels for women

· Stiletto

Stilettos have slimmer heels with a minimum height of 2 inches and not more than 0.4 inch in width. The highest stiletto could be as high as 10 inches. It gives you the visual illusion of having long and slender legs and it makes you appear taller as well. An added advantage is that it makes your bust and buttocks become more prominent.

· Wedge

A wedge covers the whole space under the heel and arch fractions of your foot. Its height varies so you can easily choose as to what suits your comfort level. What classifies it as a wedge are the length and shape of its heel. This heel type is quite popular in contemporary fashion.

· Puppy

The height and diameter has a measurement of roughly 2 inches. The heel is square, black and is usually thick.

· Louis or spool

This type of high heel is wide and has an obvious slimmer look at the midpoint.

· Prism

The heel appears to be triangle in shape at the tip with its triangular flat sides.

· Cone

The heel is round and wide and clearly narrow at the tip.

· Kitten

The heel is short and slim with a maximum height of 2 inches and width of not more than 0.4 inch.

The History of High Heels

High heels had been in and out of the fashion scene since World War II. High heels are worn by most European royalties during the 16th century. Back in 1580, men with power or influence had been known to wear high heels. It was back again in the later years of the 80s and again in the early 1990s. Typically, it is worn by most women today with height variations ranging from 1.5 inches kitten heel to 4 inches or more known as stilettos.


Heels that are more than 5 inches in height are normally used for aesthetic reasons and are not advisable to wear. It can be the cause of most severe foot problems and has been an issue in health care. Results of wearing very high heels include the following Solve Canonical issue repercussions:

· You can have foot pain because of too much arching of the foot.

· You may tend to walk slower.

· You will increase the possibility of sprains and fractures.

· You will have uneven or a wobbly walk which could predispose you to injuries.

· Foot deformities can be created.

· Your calves will appear stiffer.

· Those always wear high heels have a higher risk of degenerative knees.

· You are incapable of running.

· You can have foot and tendon problems.

But wearing high heels is not all flaws. The reason why high heels are still being used until now is that they also have their own benefits.


· You instantly look taller.

· Your legs tend to appear much longer and slender.

· Your feet arches become well defined.

· Your posture is changed for the better.

· For shorter people, you can sit on a high chair with your foot on the floor. Plus, you will be able to reach items on higher shelves.

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