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Different Types of Portable Trade Show Displays

There are a number of portable trade show displays available, which makes them accessible for every size of business. The number of opportunities to present the display is great and very often low cost. Yes, the big industry event in Las Vegas may cost thousands for a booth, but the local, annual festival a booth may be as little as $25 or even free. Both could get one in front of thousands of prospects.

The simplest form of portable trade show displays is a do-it-yourself kit. A vinyl banner and a table cover could make up a booth display that is good enough for a simple cottage business. Not every business needs to spend thousands for a full exhibit. A simple banner to draw and let people know what the business is and a table to show off- information or products could work to a business’s advantage. When a booth needs a lot of room, then this paired down display works well. It also works well when one is using the down home, folksy charm to market a product or service.

Another simple form of portable trade show displays is the table top display. Some table top exhibits even compact into a briefcase sized carrying case. Others can be quite large as they eventually stand at six to eight feet high after being placed on the table. This may not be as problematic as it sounds because some collapse into a nice, one-person travel size, that slips into even more convenient carrying case. Table top displays are very good when one may not be available to man a booth, but marketing material just needs to be left for a period.

The final portable display form is the collapsible floor model. Generally, they come in eight and ten feet wide to fill a standard ten foot by ten foot booth. Designed to fill the back of the booth with a nice graphic backdrop, these are the most expensive. The price starts somewhere near a thousand dollars and goes up for these displays, plus that cost is just for the display. Full graphics to fill the space could cost just as much as the display once the design cost is factored in. Because of cost these exhibits would be best for trade shows where one is already spending a good deal of money just to be there (travel and booth space expenses), like an annual industry trade show or conference.

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