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Buy YouTube views

Millions of people around the world are active on YouTube and actively participate in the video streaming platform. Creators range from vloggers and streamers to full-fledged business owners and influencers. YouTube has provided people with a worthy platform to host such amazing talents. Along with a large audience, you also have a large number of creators on YouTube, which makes it difficult for newbies to get noticed. This is why many choose to buy YouTube views. Competition being tough, this type of operation makes your job much easier and allows you to focus on what matters most: creating content. As you improve your content, these websites will take care of driving traffic to your profile.

While video is the favorite content of Internet users and 46 million French users visit YouTube each month , this social platform seems to be a boon for companies wishing to increase their notoriety.

But unlike Facebook or Instagram, YouTube’s algorithm is still nebulous and pushes some to cheat to increase their visibility. Although buying views is against the rules and may have consequences, it is a common practice.

Discover in this article why you should not buy views on YouTube and how to grow your channel naturally.

Why Buy YouTube Views?

The networks return strong social indicators that often push content creators to cheat. While the race for followers is launched on Instagram, it is the number of views that takes precedence on YouTube.

After all, isn’t the point of a YouTube video to get it viewed? The number of views would even be a growth driver since it would attract viewers and insist the YouTube algorithm to highlight the content.

Indeed, views are an indicator of popularity. This is why many people resort to buying views:

  • The personalities to confirm their fame;
  • Musicians to launch their career;
  • Politicians to conquer a new public;
  • Influencers to develop their audience or buzzer.

So there are good reasons to buy Youtube views, but is it really effective? Before giving a concrete answer to this question, it is important to understand the nature of the views purchased. On this subject, we distinguish between “true views” and “false views”.

The fake views are simply from bots (robots). YouTube spots bots very easily, so buying this type of view is risky.

The real views, on the other hand, come from “real accounts” YouTube, or at least accounts that the platform considers as such. The goal here is to make these views appear as natural views, so they can take several days or even weeks to arrive.

If YouTube may not notice the deception, the lack of engagement of purchased views can still put a flea in his ear: a video that does not generate thousands of views, but no comment or like is necessarily suspicious.

Although buying views can provide significant social proof, it is still a practice that should not be recommended.

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