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Batteries For Generating Electricity at Home Using Magnetic Power Generators

Your magnetic power generator has been built and you are ready to turn it and to slash and destroy your electrical utility bill. You have selected your charge controller, now what you need to consider is the type of battery bank you will need. Batteries are used to store up all the massive amounts of electricity your magnetic power generator is making. They are vital to achieving your goal of electric energy independence of going off grid. Here I will give you guidelines on the various types of batteries available for generating electricity at home?.

Batteries Store the Energy Generated

I am pretty sure most understand the principle that batteries are used to store the energy generated by your magnetic power system. There are differences in how some batteries do this for their charge and discharge cycle. Car batteries are designed for a very fast discharge of a few seconds (to start your car) followed by a slow recharge period. Golf cart Bateria a Domicilio Maipu are designed for a long slow discharge every day followed by a short period of recharge of a few hours and are known as deep cycle batteries. These type of batteries are perfect for generating electricity at home using a magnetic power generator. Golf cart batteries are the cheapest and most effective deep cycle battery available and are recommended for getting your power system up and running.

Types of Batteries

The most common type of deep cycle battery is the lead acid type. They are readily available, cheap, but require some maintenance during their useful life. Sealed deep-cycle acid lead batteries are maintenance and trouble free, but they are more expensive. Sealed gel batteries are also maintenance free, but they must not be overcharged or they will be damaged. Since you will be using a charge controller in your system this will not be a problem. All of these batteries come in 6 or 12 volts and your system configuration will tell you how many you need.

Configuring the Batteries in Your System

Based on your system design, you will probably have a 12 volt or 24 volt system. Your components like the charge controller and power inverter will be the same size as this design voltage. This means the batteries have to be grouped in “strings” to reach the desired voltage. Connecting batteries in series increases their voltage (minus to plus), and connecting them in parallel increases the current (plus to a bus bar and minus to a bus bar). Most of the deep cycle lead acid batteries that are recommended for your system will be 6 volt. If your system is 12 volts then you will have strings of two batteries each in series. The number of strings needed is based on the total demand of your design load.

Batteries are an important component when you are generating electricity at home. They enable you to store the huge amounts of energy you are making from your magnetic power generator, and cut or eliminate your electricity bill. The 6 volt lead acid battery is the type recommended when you are first putting your system together.

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