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April Fools Pranks

Alright, so I am not going to lie that this is one of my most favorite holidays. In fact, over the years, April 1st brings back many fun and hilarious memories. Whether it was when I was a boy and put a whoopee cushion on the seat of my brother, or when I was a teenager and got up in the middle of the night yelling that there was a fire in the house … I always seemed to enjoy how this day provided a wonderful excuse to be completely obnoxious, annoying, and get away with some fun pranks.

Below I have listed, in my opinion, 12 of the best April Fools 2022 Fools jokes / pranks. I hope you enjoy:

1) Oops … Sorry About The Dent on Your Car: Leave a note on your victim’s car that says how sorry you are about hitting their car. Then, leave a phony name and your own phone number so you can swap insurance information. Ideally, you want to hide near by to watch their reaction as they search frantically looking for the dent on their car, that isn’t really there!

2) Toilet Mess: Take some plastic wrap and cover the toilet bowl. The next visitor to the bathroom will certainly be in for a fun and messy surprise!

3) Wake Up: While your victim is asleep, set their alarm clock two hours early; or just reset their clock ahead so they wake up unexpectedly and think that they are late.

4) I Only Need One: While the victim is asleep or not looking, grab all of their socks or underwear and take a needle and thread and run a small string through each pair so they are all hooked together.

5) Where Are My Clothes: While your victim is showering, sneak into the bathroom and steal their clothes and towel.

6) Surprise – You Are Wet: Take a rubber band and wrap it around the push button of the spray nozzle of a tap (the ones at the kitchen sink with a hose). Make sure it is pointing to where someone would stand, and watch and laugh as the next person gets drenched.

7) Please Just Let Me Out: At night, remove and switch the door knobs of the bathroom or a bedroom of your victim (it only works with door knobs that lock). Then, when the victim goes in to the bathroom or bedroom, lock them in.

8) Oh My: This needs to be a group prank and gang-up on one person. Do this with family, friends, or co-workers at the office. Get newspaper, or aluminum foil, or plastic wrap (or all of them) and wrap everything in the victim’s room or office.

9) Having Car Troubles: Sneak into your victim’s car and have fun adjusting everything: turn the radio up full blast, have the wipers on high, move the seats up, put the floor mats on the seats, turn heat or AC on full blast, turn hazards on, etc.

10) TV Madness: Get the extra remote to the TV and when your victim is watching that game or favorite program, hide out or go outside and continually adjust the volume or change the channels. Just don’t laugh as you watch them get frustrated with the remote and the TV.

11) Graffiti on the Car: Get some plastic wrap and cover the hood or doors of your victims car. Then, get some spray paint and have some fun drawing on their car. Make sure you hide out near by so you can watch their reaction.

12) You Just Ate Dog Poo: Make some brownies and shape one or two into what a dog terd would normally look like. Then, hide it in the yard where you know where it is. Then, go out and play or just ‘happen’ to notice the terd, and pick it up. Then, say: ‘what will you give me if I eat this dog terd.’ Then, eat it and collect your prize.

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