A Splendid Kitchen Needs the Best Tiles

The kitchen is one of the most important places of a house. It is constantly being used for some reason or the other. So you need to keep in mind that the tiles that you use for your kitchen not only score high on the style quotient list but also on the durability list and easy-to-clean list.

Don’t know where to look? Well then. Keep reading on. We have classified the kitchen tiles into eight different categories. These eight types are very different from each other giving you a very wide range to choose from.

The first type is the laser-cut tile. These might burn a hole in your pocket but are very elegant as they are intricately cut with laser to produce elaborate designs and then are put together like a puzzle.

The next type of tiles is the mirror tiles. They peel and stick backsplash subway tile are assembled together to create a mirror backsplash with texture. They are special for kitchen regions such as the buffet counter, service station or butler’s pantry. They look very classy and get a ten on ten from me on the style quotient.

The next category of tiles is the diagonal tile. Give your ordinary tile a spin by placing it diagonal. These might be more expensive than normal tiling as you will need ten percent more tiles to complete the tiling. But then, they are also include more intensive labor as they require more cuts at the top and the bottom, so don’t hesitate if the installer may bit up the price by a little.

The next in this list is the large-pattern tile. We all know how the new big thing is big and bold patterns. So why not place it in your kitchen? Many companies produce over scale patterns that can be customized to repeat, much like wallpaper. Keep in mind to space out your wall pattern to even out the look of the whole place.

Then we have my personal favorite, the subway tiles. It is used in the subway stations worldwide and is like a timeless beauty. It can possibly not go wrong. Don’t want to tile these the usual way? Try tiling them up all the way to the ceiling to give a classic and modern look.

The next type of tile is known as the herringbone tile. These tiles help in adding texture to your kitchen. These tiles can be purchased on a mesh baking which means you won’t have to lay out each and every piece.

The next tile is the specially shaped vitrified tiles. This is exactly what you think it is. It shouts of innovation as it pushes you to think of different shapes of tiles. Square is ancient. Let’s see how well you learned your shapes in kindergarten. You should face no problems in trying to find a manufacturer nearby to your house.

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