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9 Reasons Why You Should Practice Prophetic Evangelism

There are a number of reasons that you should consider prophetic evangelism, and if you feel like you would like to explore the prophetic for the people that need a little nudge toward Jesus this is for you.

Reason 1… It’s very fulfilling.

Having the opportunity to speak into people’s lives that you don’t even know is great fun. It is so enjoyable to practice prophetic evangelism wherever you are. Nothing seems to be more exciting then to be given messages of God for people in your city. Once you get over the nerves, it is plain sailing and every message is a joy to bring people.

Reason 2… It is a great witness for the Christian church.

The average person that does not go to church has no idea that people that are Christians that can give them a better message than a physic or clairvoyant. With all the shows on Television about mediums, physics and clairvoyants the people in the world have no idea that Christians can have the same sort of gifts.

Reason 3… Once they have tasted a small message they might request another

If you have a card that you carry that offers people a free personal prophecy on my website or even one that your church starts to themselves, the non Christians might write in for another prophecy.

Reason 4… It is time that the Christians go to Christians and not physics and clairvoyants.

In a survey it was found that half of the Request personal prophecy clients of clairvoyants and physics in the United States are Christians that are desperate for knowing about their life and their future. When the Christian church finds out that they can come to your website or mine for a prophetic word they are quite excited. From time to time I come across a Christian when I do prophetic evangelism and they are really touched to hear and edifying message. If a website advertised in the paper then the Christians at least will come to other Christians rather then the darkness.

Reason 5… Sharing Christ with strangers is easy after you have shared a couple of words of knowledge.

There is nothing like a few words of knowledge in your prophetic evangelism to get a strangers attention. The words of knowledge really cement the prophecy you share about their future and the words of wisdom which is instruction on steps God wants to take. Some people who your minister to don’t want you to leave. This brings me great joy.

Reason 6… Prophetic evangelism is a great conversation starter for witnessing

Sometimes I come across a group of people and I share about two words of knowledge for each of the people in the group. When you do this in your prophetic evangelism the group often have questions all about the faith of Christianity. I often ask people in a group have they got any questions for God and when they ask their questions, the Father is fast to give them the answers they are after. This really opens up people.

Reason 7… Prophetic evangelism worked for Jesus

Jesus opened up the woman at the well when he shared his word of knowledge with her. His conversation led to the whole towns beliefs. So too, when you use the gift of word of knowledge with people, it opens them right up for a message. Even better, if you have a card to give them, they are given the chance to come and ask for prophecy online later. If Jesus was using that gift, so should we use it.

Reason 8… Prophetic evangelism makes you a great mouthpiece to the lost

Many people in this world don’t practice the Christian faith of their mothers and fathers, and for these people that are lost prophetic evangelism gives them something to think about. Each time I share a message with a stranger I make sure that they know I am a Christian and not a clairvoyant. People are really shocked that the same gifts exist in the church. Most people that are lost cannot hear Jesus speak to them, and so bringing them a message that will help them in their life current circumstances and future, is something that will stay with them for a long while

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