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7 Reasons Why Words Of Wisdom Are Important In Ministry

Why is the use of words of wisdom (prophetic words regarding the future) very important and why is it very important to be aware of the importance of their use in ministry?

1. Covenant Keeping
First of all, it is very essential to understand that the gifts of the Holy Spirit do not operate at our will, but can only be manifested when we live our lives devoted to God and His ministry on earth, according to the covenant we have entered through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. We surrendered our lives to him and we should expect His life to flow through us.

2. Leadership
Secondly, Words of Wisdom are specific messages from God regarding the future. When we are responsible for a certain ministry and truly position ourselves by words and deeds accordingly as leaders, we find God guiding us through specific words regarding the path, he wants us to take, either by warning us of what the future of one path brings or by encouraging us by the bright promises of another.

3. Teaching
Teaching of the Word of God is incomplete without Words of Wisdom. Like Words of Knowledge, Words of Wisdom make the Bible a LIVING WORD. Teaching and preaching the Gospel without being open to this area, renders the Bible a mere manual, while Words of Wisdom open the eternal dimension of the Word for all to see what lies ahead. In other words, we can only truly inspire the people of God to take decisive action regarding their lives, when the message being preached transcends the natural and points to the prize that lies ahead.

4. Discipling
Those following us, do so because of the anointing we have, they will face real life situations where they will need to hear a word from God regarding their future. God will speak to them through us, when we take the ownership of the position of a Request prophetic word over their lives. People need to hear from God regarding a job offer, a travelling plan, a business partnership, etc… Furthermore, we need to be operating in Words of Wisdom in order to train followers to trust in God and the anointing. This strengthens their faith.

5. Ministering
Whether it is healing or casting out demons, Words of Wisdom are the bullets of the prophet to declare to the illness and the devil where he is headed. We are called to preach the Good News not only to men, but also to demons and to this fallen nature.

6. Leaving a Legacy
What God declares through us today will set the stage or the foundation on which future generations will build. Unless we are open to God what has to say today regarding the future, we will declare the death of our ministry with us on earth.

7. Living the Eternal Life
Finally, Words of Wisdom keep us reminded on our true identity and calling. They remind us that we do not belong to this age but to the one to come. The use of Words of Wisdom turns us immune to the worries of the present life. Through faith, it keeps us walking on the waters of eternal life.

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