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10 Reasons Why the GCC Is an Attractive Destination for Job Seekers

More and more young and established workers are seeing the value of looking for jobs with the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council that includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates). Whether it is the climate, compensation, social network or innovation that draws them to this thriving region, expats from across the globe are congregating here.

10 Reasons Why the GCC Attracts Job Seekers from Around the World

1) Active Job Market – When compared to many areas worldwide, the Gulf news jobs market in the GCC is highly active with plenty of opportunity for young grads, highly skilled professionals and all levels in between.

2) High Wages – The average wage levels in the GCC tend to be significantly higher (usually in multiples) and often include a housing allowance and generous bonus programs.

3) Ability to Save – Unlike the wages against the cost of living back home, the level of earnings in the GCC will allow many workers to accumulate large savings quickly and plan for an early retirement.

4) Tax-Free Wages – Not only are the compensation packages in the GCC on the higher end of the pay scale, the wages there are tax-free allowing you to keep all of your earnings in your pocket.

5) Consistent Climate – The GCC is typically hot and dry all year round, a refreshing change from four-season environments and soggy, cold climates.

6) Fast-paced Business Culture – The GCC region is teeming with innovation as government and private sectors investments give rise to more and more opportunities in technology, engineering, energy and a host of other sectors.

7) Adventure – Expats can use their free time to explore destinations that tourists pay handsomely to visit, all within close proximity to their home.

8) Expansive Social Network – The expat population within major cities like Dubai, Riyadh and other areas is expansive and provides plenty of social connections and lively activities.

9) English Widely Spoken – As English is the official language of business and spoken by the majority of the GCC population, there is little need to learn the native languages.

10) Familiarity in the Shopping Malls – All of the familiar goods you can get back home – from gourmet coffees to brand name fashion – are available in the GCC, along with a wide range of native goods and food at much cheaper prices.

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